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Tommaso Cassinis & Hagan Go in Search of the Roots of Ghana’s Music Scene in Crudo Volta Doc ‘Yenkyi...

Documentary, Music

20th April, 2018

DN speaks to Tommaso Cassinis about working with London music producer Hagan and Crudo Volta to explore Ghana's music scene in documentary 'Yenkyi Taxi'.

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DN358: Luca Dipierro Animates the Death of a Band in ‘Rising. A Requiem For Father Murphy’

Animation, Art & Fashion, Music, Podcasts

6th April, 2018

Luca Dipierro & Father Murphy join us on the podcast to look back at their fruitful collaboration and reveal details of their new stop motion feature film.

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A Girl Embarks on a Journey of Self-Discovery in Coming of Age Fashion Film ‘Not(e) For a Dreamer’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

20th March, 2018

Enrico Poli’s has created a tender, intimate and nostalgic look at the journey from childhood to adulthood his new fashion film 'Not(e) For a Dreamer'.

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The Post-Apocalyptic Roles of Hunter & Prey Blur in Cristiano Gazzarrini’s Immersive Sci-Fi Short ‘US’

Live Action, Premiere

15th January, 2018

Cristiano Gazzarrini tells DN how a live quadraphonic sound experience led to the creation of his immersive post-apocalyptic sci-fi short 'US'.

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Ivan Olita Documents the Arduous Path to Spiritual Enlightenment of the Tendai Monks in ‘The 1000 Days’


2nd August, 2017

Meet the monks who achieve spiritual enlightenment through 1000 days of endurance running in Ivan Olita's arresting documentary.

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Sergio Pastore Finds Hope on a Dying World in Poignant Hauschka Music Video ‘My Kids Live On Mars’

Animation, Music

29th June, 2017

Sergio Pastore takes us through the creation of his sublimely enchanting tale of altruism created for renowned prepared piano composer Hauschka.

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From Student Project to Trentemøller Music Video – Julie Reindl & Bruno Noaro Explore the Senses in ‘Sinus’


7th March, 2017

Bruno Noaro shares how the film he directed with Julie Reindl went from student project to official music video for electronic music producer Trentemøller.

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Martino Prendini Animates 6000+ Hand-Drawn Images in Female Empowerment Dance Short ‘An Exit’

Animation, Art & Fashion

2nd March, 2017

Martino Prendini gives form to the power of female agency through a medley of animation techniques realised over 6000+ individual hand-drawn frames.

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TO GUYS Introduce Us to the Darkly Seductive Delights of Love and Violence in Baustelle’s ‘Amanda Lear’


1st February, 2017

Directing duo TO GUYS journey through a nightclub charged with sexual desire and romantic betrayal for Baustelle's latest music video.

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From Townships to Taxis – Tommaso Cassinis Charts the Evolution of the Gqom Music Scene in ‘Woza Taxi’

Documentary, Music

31st January, 2017

Tommaso Cassinis heads to South Africa to document the little known origins of a musical movement which has swept across the international dance scene.

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DN343: Indivisible – Edoardo De Angelis

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

10th November, 2016

Edoardo De Angelis explores themes of individualism and sororal symbiosis in his tale of singing siamese twins who discover the possibility of life apart.

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M O N O – Y

Art & Fashion, Premiere

9th November, 2016

Director Enrico Poli reprises his partnership with Designer Antonio Labroca for a fashion film which conveys its collection's poetic feeling of liberation.

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