What does science look like? It’s a strange question I know, but if you were to take some of physics’ leading theories and concepts and translate them into visuals within a Cornell Box via a bit of computer coding what would the big bang look like? Well, in the hands of artist/coder Robert Hodgin it looks a lot like a surprise party:

I created a room. A simple grey box with a full ceiling light panel. In this room, I can control the lighting, gravity, and playback speed of time (allowing me to speed up the simulations or even make time freeze). The camera in the room can be moved around to offer different views of the content which would come later. My goal was to make the room as fully featured as I required without it getting to overloaded with excess code. From there, I would begin building out some content all based on the themes of particle physics, cosmology and collective behavior.

You can see more of Hodgin’s Eyeo Festival 2012 projects along with his humorous presentation at the festival here.

Also, for the iPad users out there looking for a new way to visualise your music the app Planetary Hodgin created with Bloom Studios is a pretty interesting solution:

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