Denise - Lee Toland Krieger & Neil LaBute

Whilst myself and DN Editor in Chief MarBelle don’t like to discuss the ‘old days’ too much (it makes us feel old), it’s no secret that one of the things that solidified our friendship (and maybe even fuelled our desire to write about independent film) was our shared love of Neil LaBute films. Even though we tried to share the “joys” of In the Company of Men and Your Friends and Neighbors with our other film loving friends, no-one else seemed to share our passion for LaBute’s dialogue-heavy, often controversial features (in fact I’m sure the screening of these films may have actually lost us some friends at the time).

It’s been a couple of years since we featured LaBute’s work on DN, but it’s good to see the filmmaker back on familiar ground with recent short Denise – even if it is just on writing duties. Directed by up and coming filmmaker Lee Toland Krieger, Denise is the tale of an actress who helps a guy untangle his web of lies and features LaBute’s flair for snappy dialogue back in full flow.

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