Director Takashi Doscher and Athens, Georgia country-rock band Futurebirds transport us back to the days when it felt like we had nothing but endless time to get ourselves into trouble, in the nostalgic Virginia Slims promo.

Doscher shot the music video in the small town of Baldwin, Georgia on a Canon C500, jumping over to the Sony Fs700 for the high speed shots. With the promo calling for extensive pyrotechnics, they consulted the expertise of Max Calder and Bob Shelley to ensure that the stunts and special fx went off smoothly and safely. Doscher was also open to less technical input:

“On a kind of funny note, Noah (our youngest actor) insisted that he perform in his Iron Man costume. That was never planned, and an on-the-set decision. In retrospect, however, I am glad I trusted the talent’s vision for his character.”

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