No stranger to the convergence of art and technology, over the past decade digital artist Jonathan Harris has mapped the internet’s emotions, documented Inupiat Eskimos traditional whale hunts and created an interactive installation about online dating. Inspired by the structure of porn teaser clips, his latest project I Love Your Work, sees him create an interactive documentary which profiles the lives of nine women who make lesbian porn. Jonathan joins us to discuss the internet’s role as a planetary meta-organism and his experiments in monetising digital art through artificial scarcity.

I Love Your Work (2013)

I Love Your Work is an interactive documentary about the realities of those who make fantasies. It is a raw and intimate portrait of the everyday lives of nine young women who make lesbian porn. It consists of 2,202 10-second video clips, taken at five-minute intervals over 10 consecutive days. There is an interactive environment for exploring this material (around six hours of footage). It is limited to just 10 viewers per day, and tickets cost $10 each.

Warning (NSFW)

There are people who work with abundance instead of scarcity, but we’re not very good at valuing abundance so people tend not to value digital work very much.

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