Director Michalis Konstantatos’ debut feature Luton, depicts the mundanity of three seemingly unrelated lives, which are brought together by a deeply visceral connection. We sat down with Michalis to discuss the violence concealed in everyday life and the fallacy of what has been coined as the Greek ‘Weird Wave’ of cinema.

Luton (2013)

Jimmy is a wealthy high-school student, about 17 years old. Mary is a trainee lawyer in her 30’s. Makis is a fifty-year-old family man and the owner of a mini-market. Three very different people to each other and their everyday life. In the frame of their conventional life that pressures them, when everything seems so still and expected, these three people find their own way out.

I don’t particularly find something weirder in Greek filmmaking at the moment than what has been in the history of cinema in general.

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