Fons Schiedon’s thrilling suspension of disbelief animated chase In a Forest sees a rabbit pursued through various realities, not all of them real.

3 Responses to In a Forest

  1. Benn Veasey says:

    I love this kind of thing (to get technical, it’s called ‘metalepsis’, and it’s when characters manage to leave or enter fictional worlds).

    Perhaps would have been interesting to have something at the end to bring it all together a bit – but maybe the whole thing was just meant to be a simple exercise in toying with the limits of fiction and story telling. Either way, nice choice!

  2. MarBelle says:

    Cheers Benn, yeah I think ever seeing the Take On Me video as a kid I’ve loved these type of world hopping films.

  3. Benn Veasey says:

    I wrote my dissertation on this and I used Take On Me as my number one example of world hopping in film! Great music video.

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