Even my cold jaded heart couldn’t help but be charmed by the seasonal enthusiasm of Bruce Mertz, the festive light maestro at the centre of screenwriter and director Nick Palmer’s documentary Mr. Christmas. Nick joins us to discuss how he brought Bruce’s charming story to screen without relying on quirk, his career as a Black List featured screenwriter and why you never got to see that rumoured remake of The Bodyguard.

Mr. Christmas (2012)

Every Christmas, Bruce Mertz lights up the neighborhood with the 50,000 lights covering his house. For decades he’s obsessively added to his display, creating beautiful, towering fixtures that people travel across the country to see. In this offbeat, touching portrait, we learn what drives him, and discover how a kid who grew up on a farm with no electricity became Mr. Christmas.

The thing that’s so great about documentaries is you go in with one movie in your head & every time you pick up the camera it’s sort of taking you in a new direction.

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