This week the English weather has been doing it’s best to broil us in our beds, which despite the uncomfortable sleeping conditions, bodes very well for the coming weekend of music and (much more importantly) film that team DN heads off to each and every year as part of our annual Reading & Leeds Festival Cinema Tent curation. As is our habit we’ve gathered a selection of our favourite short films from the past 12 months to screen as part of our dual site programme of shorts which play out across the festival weekend.

We’d love to see as many of you fine folks there as possible, but as even the largest festival tents have to abide by health and safety capacity laws, we’ve also put together a playlist so you can have your own private screening here and now. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on the shorts or suggests for what we should include in 2017.

If after that you’re still itching to see more, join the 10.8K follows of our WeAreDN Vimeo channel to browse through over 4,600 films we personally vouch for.

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