Shot on the island of Jejudo in South Korea and commissioned by the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art as part of their “Moving & Migration” group exhibition in Korea and Taiwan, In Flux sees Nils Clauss (last seen on DN here) team up with fellow CONTENTED filmmaker Udo Lee (who previously collaborated with Clauss on his 2017 doc Plastic Girls) for an exploration of human communication and connection beyond the confines of verbal discourse. Documenting the exploratory work of Chinese family therapist and researcher Somi and her Korean partner Jin, a doctor for traditional Korean medicine as the intercultural couple embark on a journey to create an elixir that transcends language barriers and unlocks the secret to telepathic communication, Clauss and Lee explain how In Flux evolved from its initial concept:

In Flux turned into a short film with a narrative that has a different take on multiculturalism. Rather than reproducing the narrative of hegemonic concepts of multiculturalism, the film seeks alternative concepts related to multiculturalism and drifts off to a more poetic idea of multiculturalism as a catalyst for a new reality – an unpredictable process that carries the potential for unknown beauty and not something to be feared and controlled. By doing that, In Flux describes multiculturalism as a constant stream of becoming, instead of locking it down to a fixed, prescribed meaning.”

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