Undoubtedly technology has brought some relief to our current isolated existence. Be that enabling us to schedule virtual cocktail hours with friends, have games nights with physically distant relatives or just watch countless hours of streaming content. However lest we become too enamoured with these digital lifelines, this week’s WeAreDN // Lockdown shorts remind us that an over-reliance on our always connected algorithmically fed screens isn’t without its downsides.

Moth by Mackenzie Sheppard

Man is to Phone as Moth is to Light. [Read the interview]

Cracked Screen: A Snapchat Story by Trim Lamba

The self-broadcasted life of a young woman in London before, during and after a life-shattering event. [Read the interview]

Fracture by Cynical Smile

A visual representation of the sickness and ultimate expulsion of digital distraction. [Read the interview]

#eatpretty by Rebecca Culverhouse

A successful product photographer’s exposure to an unabated stream of perfect moments leads her to an insatiable desire to consume pretty things. [Read the interview]

Filterface by Will & Carly

A satirical dance piece which looks at the unhealthy importance young people place on social media and the disturbing trend to go under the knife to look like their flawless filtered selfies. [Read the interview]

If you enjoyed this week’s selection check out our other WeAreDN // Lockdown collections. We’ll be back next week with more themed shorts for your viewing pleasure. If you have a film you’d like us to consider for future WeAreDN // Lockdown programmes submit it here.

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