The search for a mate, a partner or a sidekick is something entrenched in our lives and can lay claim to many an awkward evening or a waylaid afternoon. Modern connectivity and the onslaught of new dating apps has seen the simple meeting of two individuals take on new dimensions, yet the maladroitness pervades. This week the WeAreDN // Lockdown shorts bring alive the world of dating and the often unpredictable situations which can arise when we put ourselves out there.

Herculanum by Arthur Cahn

Three meetings. Two men. A rumbling volcano. [Read the interview]

Frankie Keeps Talking by Annabelle Attanasio

A young woman goes on a date with a man who never stops talking. [Read the interview]

It’s a Date by Zachary Zezima

Everyone is an alien at first. [Read the interview]

Finger Night by Mara Joly

A male hand. A female hand. A dating app called Finger leads to a night of more than just swiping.

Romance Language by José Lourenço

Uncomfortable truths during an uncomfortable hookup [Read the interview]

If you enjoyed this week’s selection check out our other WeAreDN // Lockdown collections. We’ll be back next week with more themed shorts for your viewing pleasure. If you have a film you’d like us to consider for future WeAreDN // Lockdown programmes submit it here.

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