A Rare Treasure Is Unearthed in Jonathan May’s Back of Beyond Documentary ‘Rear View Mirror’


21st July, 2020

Jonathan May showcases the unique and inspiring characters who find a sense of belonging in one of Australia's most remote towns in 'Rear View Mirror'.

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Jesse Lewis-Reece Reflects on the Perils of Obsession in His Short ‘Eyelash’

Asides, Live Action

17th July, 2020

Jesse Lewis-Reece's 'Eyelash' explores the pitfalls of obsession through the intimate portrayal of a couple's budding relationship and it's eventual ruin.

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Idris Fassasi Forces Us to Ponder Our Prejudices With a Twist on a Classic Text in ‘SHE’

Art & Fashion

15th July, 2020

Director Idris Fassisi talks to DN about his Shakespeare inspired short 'SHE' and how his chosen themes perfectly reflected our turbulent times.

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Matt Hopkins Curates the Everyday Experiences of Lockdown in Touching Doc ‘A Bright Warm Day in May’


13th July, 2020

Matt Hopkins returns for a chat about his photo essay style doc which portrays the daily realities of life in lockdown through the art of conversation.

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Medet Shayakhmetov Brings to Life the Twisted Morality of Addiction in Scriptonite Music Video ‘Kolesa’


18th June, 2020

Medet Shayakhmetov discloses the intricacies and subtle touches in his surreal music video for Scriptonite track 'Kolesa'.

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WeAreDN // Lockdown: It’s a Date

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action

24th May, 2020

This week our WeAreDN // Lockdown shorts bring alive the world of dating and the unpredictable situations which can arise when we put ourselves out there.

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WeAreDN // Lockdown: Hearth & Home

Animation, Documentary, Film Festival, Music

17th May, 2020

A theme of 'Hearth & Home' alongside longing for places and people we hold dear awaits you in this week's WeAreDN // Lockdown shorts.

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WeAreDN // Lockdown: End of Days

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action

10th May, 2020

This week in our WeAreDN // Lockdown shorts, themes of an apocalyptic nature remind us that the unthinkable can happen beyond what we are experiencing now

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WeAreDN // Lockdown: Loneliness

Animation, Documentary, Film Festival, Live Action

3rd May, 2020

The shorts in this week's WeAreDN // Lockdown collection provide a glimpse into how we find ways to cope and to exist with the 'Loneliness' in our lives.

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WeAreDN // Lockdown: Cults

Film Festival, Live Action, Music

19th April, 2020

Join us for this week's WeAreDN // Lockdown shorts and five distinct portrayals of 'Cults' and their Kool-Aid drinking lunacy.

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