Sebastian Hill-Esbrand Extols the Need to Proudly Celebrate Diverse Womxn Bodies & Spirits in ‘Booty Freedom’

Art & Fashion

22nd October, 2021

Sebastian Hill-Esbrand explains why his celebratory dance short spurred him to build a female-centric team of collaborators in front of & behind the camera.

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Nathan Long’s ‘Calling Attendance’ is an Unflinching Snapshot of the Harsh Realities of Life for Too Many Children


21st October, 2021

We talk to director Nathan Long about drawing on the narrative aesthetics of photojournalism for his brutally stark and effective campaign film.

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A Young Thief Longs for the Comfort of the Mothers She Steals From in Melissa Anastasi Aquatic Drama ‘Chlorine’

Live Action

13th October, 2021

DN talks to Melissa Anastasi about interweaving visuals of water to create a lyrical film about the yearning for nurturing familial bonds in 'Chlorine'.

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Lado Kvataniya’s ‘Revansh’ is a Violent Allegorical Representation of the Gritty Reality of Life in Modern Russia


6th October, 2021

Lado Kvataniya discusses staging a surreal metaphorical portrait of Russian living using 16mm and hidden cuts for Husky track 'Revansh'.

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Vira-Lata Linger in the Purgatorial Reality Between Heaven and Hell in Sensorial Music Video ‘Medo’


14th September, 2021

Directing duo Vira-Lata talk to us about utilising the gritty feeling of authenticity lent by expired 16mm stock in their sensorial Terno Rei music video.

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Denzel Whitaker Spotlights the Toxic Collision of Modern Celebrity, Cancel Culture and Mental Health in ‘5150′

Live Action

24th August, 2021

We talk to Denzel Whitaker about delving into the power of modern celebrity in our culture and the complexities of race in America in short film '5150'.

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Adrián Suárez Interconnects the Rich Beauty of Nature and the Human Body in Sensorial Short ‘Skins’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

24th July, 2021

Adrián Suárez discusses conveying the interconnectedness of the human body and the Earth we inhabit in beautifully realised experimental short 'Skins'.

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Matt Cascella Ennobles Man’s Best Friend in Charming Doc Short ‘Talking Dog’

Documentary, Premiere

21st July, 2021

Matt Cascella enlightens DN on his free-form approach to directing in ‘Talking Dog’, a documentary ode to the dogs of Maine by their human companions.

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A Young Woman Falls for the Seductive Allure of a Tilt-a-Whirl in Zoé Wittocks Fantastical Romance Debut ‘Jumbo’

Live Action

8th July, 2021

Zoé Wittock provides an insight into the production practicalities of choreographing the many moving parts of her objectophilia romance feature 'Jumbo'.

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Kai Stänicke Examines Our Destructive Relationship With Time in Reflective Animated Short ‘Pace’


6th July, 2021

Kai Stänicke details how he drew inspiration from the animation styles of 80s & 90s German abstract films for his admonitory time crunch short ‘Pace’.

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A Hapless Young Man Seeking a Connection Bares All in Sam Baron’s Provocative Tragicomedy ‘The Orgy’

Live Action

5th July, 2021

Sam Baron speaks to DN about a hastily drawn up improv phrase that bloomed into endearing short ‘The Orgy’ a title which misleads the film's true tone.

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Tommaso Ottomano Delivers a Bold Exploration of the Relationship Between the Physical and Mental Ego in ‘Body’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

12th May, 2021

Tommaso Ottomano explains why he decided to create 'Body' a boldly unabashed digital magazine cover hosted on OnlyFans to bypass outdated censorship rules.

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