Delia Simonetti Spotlights Milan’s Afro-Italian and Queer Community in Celebratory Motion Portrait Promo ‘Foreplay’


22nd January, 2021

Delia Simonetti reveals how she gathered Milan's tightly-knit Afro-Italian community for a series of playful portraits in vibrant music video 'Foreplay'.

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Dekel Berenson Poignantly Captures the Ukrainian Love Tourism Industry in BIFA Winning Short ‘Anna’

Live Action

21st January, 2021

Part two of a series exploring women's lives across the globe Dekel Berenson discusses 'Anna' his touching portrait of the Ukrainian love tourism industry.

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Hadley Hillel Creates an Entire Film World Out of Cardboard for Touching Dark Comedy ‘ERNIE’

Live Action, Premiere

12th January, 2021

Hadley Hillel lays out the challenges of constructing a fantasy world from scratch in 'ERNIE' — a stirring tale of two lost souls finding each other.

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Redmond Bacon Top Ten Feature Films of 2020


27th December, 2020

From stunning debuts to veteran directors fully in command of their tone, Redmond argues that 2020's films have been far better than the year itself.

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Sally Tran’s ‘2020 Brain’ Perfectly Captures the Year’s Strange Mood

Art & Fashion, Premiere

23rd December, 2020

Sally Tran shares her experience turning Amazon-bought Jell-O into human anatomy for the fun, horror-inspired '2020 Brain'.

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Sally Tran Answers the Urgent Call to Join the BLM Movement With Mixed Media Doc ’60 Years and Still’


10th December, 2020

10 Black victims of police brutality are movingly surveyed in Sally Tran's table top mixed media film '60 Years and Still' — created completely in-camera.

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Jens Josephs’ ‘Getting There’ Salvages Art from the Wreckage of a Lost Road Movie

Live Action, Premiere

30th November, 2020

Layering films within films and with actors playing actors, 'Getting There' — shot in an empty parking lot — is a delightfully comic metafictional film.

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Yvette Farmer Expands the Cinematic Possibilities of the Monologue Film With Margate Set Short ‘X Anniversary’

Live Action, Premiere

25th November, 2020

A beautifully shot collection of seaside monologues, Yvette Farmer's 'X Anniversary' boasts four very different captivating performances by Keeley

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Ivyy Chen Creates a Space of Calm and Contemplation in Soothing Mental Health Animation ‘isle of Chair’


24th November, 2020

A fluffy giant helps chairs to find their right place in gorgeous animation 'Isle of Chair', inspired by Ivvy Chen's friends' battles with mental health.

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Michael Kam Acutely Renders the Awkwardness of Young Infatuation in Coming-of-Age Short ‘Melodi’

Live Action, Premiere

23rd November, 2020

Inspired by the Indonesian comic book, Michael Kam's 'Melodi' elegantly tells the story of a young boy trying in vain to do the right thing for his crush.

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A Pompous Inventor Meets His Match in Frank Todaro’s Dry Allegorical Comedy ‘Men of Vision’

Live Action, Premiere

20th November, 2020

Frank Todaro discusses going back to the past to take a swipe at modern blowhards peddling bullshit as science in his dry period comedy 'Men of Vision'.

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Ben York Jones Captures the Start of a Bittersweet Friendship in ‘I’m Alright If You’re Alright’

Live Action, Premiere

17th November, 2020

Adapting Arthur Bradford's short story "Mattress", Ben York Jones' 'I'm Alright if You're Alright' is a charming two-hander about making new friends.

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