The Best Films at the British Shorts Film Festival 2021

Film Festival

4th August, 2021

A panoramic portrait of a nation in turmoil these 10 British Shorts Fest 2021 films show our nation's ability to acerbically diagnose our deepest problems.

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Disney’s ‘Short Circuit’ Season Two Shows off the Animation Studio’s More Experimental Side


3rd August, 2021

From delightful evocations of home to experiments in pure sound and colour, Disney's Short Circuit programme shows off the next generation of studio talent.

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Jaime Dezcallar’s ‘A Body Is’ Skilfully Celebrates the Work of a Forgotten Spanish Genius

Art & Fashion, Music

2nd August, 2021

Striking composition and deconstructed flamenco dancing, Jaime Dezcallar explains how he brought Antonio Jose Martinez Palacios' music to the modern era.

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Daire Collins’ New Yorker-Produced ‘For Emergency Use Only’ Piercingly Ponders the Price of Paranoia


29th July, 2021

With flickering TV screens, tentative voiceover and talking-head testimony, Daire Collins explores a fear-laden prepubescence with 'For Emergency Use Only'.

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Pavel Brenner’s Fashion Film for Alexander Wang ‘Sisters’ Seductively Celebrates Asian Excellence

Art & Fashion

19th July, 2021

We speak to Pavel Brenner about deploying a constantly roving camera, bright colour-palette and gorgeous power suits for Wuxia fashion film 'Sisters'.

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Sally Tran’s ‘Centuries and Still’ Devastatingly Displays How Anti-Asian Hate Is Not a New Phenomenon


15th July, 2021

Combining 16mm, 8mm, VHS and video Sally Tran details how she documented the roots and persistence of anti-Asian hate in the USA in 'Centuries and Still'.

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Caroline Mackintosh Creates an Ode to the Infinite Possibilities of Life with ‘The Doors’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

14th July, 2021

Caroline Mackintosh discusses combining fast montage with voiceover to explore the different outcomes life can take in her playful visual poem 'The Doors'.

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Jordan Blady’s Czech-Set Visual Poem ‘Somebody’ Creates a Stirring, Enigmatic Portrait of Modern Identity

Art & Fashion

13th July, 2021

Jordan Blady explains how he deployed old-fashioned lifts, mirrors and shadows to skirt the line between hope and menace in visual poem 'Somebody'.

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Lian Meng Rose Dramatises a Drastic Shift in British History for NFTS-produced Mining Tale ‘Stratum Deep’

Live Action

30th June, 2021

Lian Meng Rose's reveals how he combined 16mm film grain and immersive sound design to bring the mines to life in historical fiction drama 'Stratum Deep'.

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Owen Schwartzbard’s ‘Hello Ma’am’ Mixes Media to Subvert the Traditional Symbolism of the American Dream

Live Action, Premiere

29th June, 2021

Owen Schwartzbard explains his love of camcorder footage and why he blended it with a more polished look for his dark grifter tale 'Hello Ma'am'.

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David Zinck Thrillingly Explores the Contradictory Nature of Sibling Relationships in ‘Sisterly Love’

Live Action

28th June, 2021

David Zinck discusses the gripping hand-held cinematography, powerful natural performances and fresh take on youth gangs of sibling drama 'Sisterly Love'.

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10 of the Best From the Berlin Music Video Awards

Film Festival, Music

25th June, 2021

The Berlin Music Video Awards is Europe's biggest festival for music promos. We have the lowdown on the ten most dazzling videos from the 2021 lineup.

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