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Iacopo Carapelli Channels a Feeling of Pure Ecstasy in His Video for Catarina Barberi’s ‘Broken Melody’

Iacopo Carapelli explains how he collaborated with his performers to create the painting-like physicality required for his tableau vivant music video.

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I.M Explore the Boldly Brave Journey to Personal Acceptance of Vitiligo Suffers in ‘Shed Some Light’

I.M take us through the visuals, craft and approach used for their emotionally balanced, empathic portrayal of the misunderstood condition of vitiligo.

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Animation, Premiere

Matthew Wade’s ‘Eyes at the Specter Glass’ is Abstract Cinema at Its Most Wondrous

Matthew Wade tells DN why he wanted to embrace the natural disintegration of his images for memorising animated sci-fi trip 'Eyes at the Specter Glass'.

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