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A Crippling Drug Addiction Causes a Warped Sense of Reality in Joseph Pierce’s Rotoscoped Short ‘Scale’

Joseph Pierce reveals how he translated the amorphous perspective in Will Self's novella through rotoscoped animation for his BIFA-nominated short film.

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Documentary, Premiere

Ross Donald’s ‘One Last Spin’ Brutally Lays Bare the Cost Behind Britain’s Pernicious Gambling Addiction

Ross Donald discusses mixing reconstructions with candid direct testimony in his advocacy documentary revealing the ugly side of the British gambling industry.

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Live Action

A Young Alcoholic Is Confronted by a Strange Ethereal Voice in Will Liney’s Subversive Short ‘Last Drop’

Will Liney imparts the creative motivations that led him to subvert the typically cliched portrayals of alcoholism in his short drama.

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