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SotW: How We Launched Our Film Online


24th March, 2011

Not content with hitting us with one of the best animated shorts you’re likely to see all year, the guys at Short of the Week have now provided a

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DN194: The Thomas Beale Cipher – Andrew S Allen

Animation, Podcasts

3rd February, 2011

Some people are never satisfied. Yeah you may have co-founded the best short film website on the net but that’s not enough to contain your creativity.

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The Thomas Beale Cipher


24th January, 2011

If you sit down and think about it, it’s a hard thing to convince someone of your particular standards of quality or levels of taste. Sure you can

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AIFF Opener


14th November, 2010

Our talented pal Andrew S. Allen from Short of the Week has taken some time out from touring his newest short The Thomas Beale Cipher across the festival

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Short of the Week Piece


4th February, 2008

Despite my obvious comfort in the world of waveforms, Skype interviews and headphones I have from time to time put pen to paper or rather managed to type

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DN063: Flight – Andrew S Allen

Animation, Documentary, Podcasts

24th November, 2007

My guest today Andrew S. Allen draws inspiration for his work from his home town of Bethel, Alaska to combine new forms of expression with unique

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