If you sit down and think about it, it’s a hard thing to convince someone of your particular standards of quality or levels of taste. Sure you can show them things you like, things that represent the special something that catches your eye, but how do they ‘know’ conclusively what you think is great as opposed to what you’ve read or heard is the next big thing? You make it is what you do!

Our dearest of film friends and short film purveyor par excellence Andrew S. Allen today presents his newest film The Thomas Beale Cipher to the online community he (and Jason Sondhi) have served so well with Short of the Week for the past four years. I’m not going to hold you up in a rush of hyperbole heralding its uniqueness of style, sumptuous look or playful narrative. No, I suggest you get straight to the riddle wrapped up in an enigma that is The Thomas Beale Cipher.

5 Responses to The Thomas Beale Cipher

  1. Sondhi says:

    Thanks MarBelle for the love, I’m glad it sounds like you enjoyed it rather having to merely pretend to! =P

  2. El Vez says:

    It truly is a wonderful piece of animation! Mr Allen and Mr Sondhi should be very proud parents.

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