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A Boundless Futuristic City Is Explored in Karl Poyzer’s Sci-Fi Music Video for Ital Tek’s ‘The Mirror’

Karl Poyzer explains how he embraced the freedom offered by animation and free application Blender for his cityscape-based science fiction music video.

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Live Action, Premiere

Victor Claramunt Channels the Feeling of Joy and Empowerment in Vibrant Dance Short ‘L’Amour’

Victor Claramunt reveals how he achieved the freeing buoyancy of the dynamic choreography in his vivacious dance short.

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Adam Kiers Bids a Warm Farewell to an Iconic Sydney Apartment Block in Stylised Dance Music Video ‘Finally’

Director Adam Kiers tells DN why he wanted to pay homage to Sydney's Glenview Court in his beautifully stylised dance music video for No Mono's 'Finally'.

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Animation, Art & Fashion

How Max Hattler Transformed Hong Kong’s Vertical Skyline into Living Film Strips in ‘Serial Parallels’

Max Hattler provides some insight into his new film 'Serial Parallels' an experimental portrait of Hong Kong one of the most vertical cities in the world.

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Animation, Asides

Silent Conductors

Tom McCarten creates a poem-inspired personification of buildings through the use of hand-built sculptures and quirky animation in 'Silent Conductors'.

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Art & Fashion

Chris Lavelle Breathes Digital Life into Abandoned Urban Spaces in a Stunning pair of Camera Mapping Shorts

Chris Lavelle discusses his use of camera mapping techniques to transform 2D urban explorer images into vibrant film environments of living decay.

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