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Kickstart To Our Bright White Hearts

Live Action

26th March, 2011

Ayz Waraich’s thriller White Red Panic was a example of how far you can push semi-pro gear if you’re a creative and skilled director. His

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This Place I Hurt To Be

Live Action

26th August, 2010

There are few filmmakers whose work can make a true, lasting impact, which lies somewhere between technique, skill and vision. I would have to include Ayz

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The Divine River Teaser


23rd February, 2010

Shame shame shame on me. If I wasn’t so lazy and kept a closer eye on my newsfeeds and/or twitter flow, I’d have known by now that Ayz Waraich

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DN104: White Red Panic – Ayz Waraich

Live Action, Podcasts

4th September, 2008

For most successful filmmakers putting out a film that’s well received by an audience and your peers is the pinnacle of success on a project, but if

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