For most successful filmmakers putting out a film that’s well received by an audience and your peers is the pinnacle of success on a project, but if your film then goes on to inspire others to jump into the fray and give proof to the mantra of ‘just get out there and shoot,’ then you know you’ve got something very special on your hands. Director Ayz Waraich has both entertained and inspired with his short White Red Panic and joins us to discuss his call to arms film.

White Red Panic (2008)

A thriller about two guys mixed up in the wrong side of life, and the toll it takes on their character and soul…


11 Responses to DN104: White Red Panic – Ayz Waraich

  1. 3pm says:

    Thanks for the shoutout… and a wonderful interview!


  2. MarBelle says:

    Glad you like the interview and my bad from missing you off the shownotes. Fixed that now.

  3. kleyon says:


    I’m trying to play your podcast at:

    but it does not play. Did you remove it?


  4. MarBelle says:

    Hey Kleyon, there was a problem with our host, but everything should be working again now.

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