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Meredith Hama-Brown Journeys from This Life to the Hereafter in Entrancing Alaskan Tapes Film ‘And, We Disappear’


13th November, 2019

Meredith Hama-Brown reveals the pivotal role light played in conveying the shifting tones of her surreal journey to the afterlife in 'And, We Disappear'.

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The Fear of Pain Comes Between Two Lovers in Ross Allen’s Romance Drama ‘The Limit of Love’

Live Action, Premiere

8th November, 2019

Ross Allen shares how he subverted audience expectations in his exploration of the paradox of loving eternally whilst fearing the end 'The Limit of Love'.

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rubberband. Usher MorMor into the Next Phase of Existence in ‘Some Place Else’


17th October, 2019

Balancing on the precipice of this world and the next, directing duo rubberband. guide MorMor through the realisation of his demise in 'Some Place Else'.

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Fatty Soprano & Shutterr Reveal How the Therapeutic Power of Dance Saved a Man from Depression in ‘Krump Antidote’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

8th October, 2019

Fatty Soprano & Shutterr introduce us to Marcus, a man whose discovery of Krump helped save him from the dark grip of depression in doc 'Krump Antidote'.

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Vincent René-Lortie Pays Honour to the Cherished Memory of a Dying Father in Diamondstein’s ‘Antique Stores’

Music, Premiere

17th September, 2019

Vincent René-Lortie and Diamondstein explain the intentions which underpinned the emotional resonance of their new music video 'Antique Stores'.

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Sweet William

Asides, Live Action

21st August, 2019

Kate Martin stars as a young woman caught in the grip of a downward spiral of emotion in Brooks Reynold’s gripping 16mm micro-short 'Sweet William'.

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Solmund MacPherson Discovers the Intimacy of Consensual Violence in ‘A Short Documentary About People Fighting’


1st August, 2019

Solmund MacPherson reveals how curiosity about getting hit in the face led to his intimate brawling film 'A Short Documentary About People Fighting'.

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A Woman Finds Herself Frozen out of the Office Spoils in Emmanuel Tenenbaum’s Uncomfortable Drama ‘Two Dollars’

Live Action

15th July, 2019

DN speaks to Montreal director Emmanuel Tenebaum about the advantages of making his uncomfortable office drama 'Two Dollars' under strict time pressures.

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David Findlay Explores the Nexus of Gabe ‘Nandez’s Malian Heritage & Daily Reality in Performance Promo ‘I.D.’


10th July, 2019

David Findlay explains how he used emblems of African culture to explore the nexus between Gabe ‘Nandez’s heritage & his daily reality in 'I.D.'.

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Persian Empire: She Got Confused // He Wouldn’t Sleep

Animation, Asides, Music

10th July, 2019

Conlan Normington takes us on a road trip through the chaos & confusion of a breakup in trippy dual music video 'She Got Confused' & 'He Wouldn’t Sleep'.

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Farhad Ghaderi Tells a Tale of Two Brothers in His Music Video for Jordan Klassen’s ‘Virtuous Circle’


26th June, 2019

Farhad Ghaderi reveals to DN how he developed a strong relationship between his actors for his volatile brothers music video 'Virtuous Circle'.

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Kaayla Whachell Examines Societal Representations of the Female Form in Experimental Short ‘Single Persephone’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

6th June, 2019

Kaayla Whachell & Brock Newman explain why they chose to create a feminist film that was a true collaboration between women & men in 'Single Persephone'.

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