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Food Play

Animation, Asides

21st February, 2019

Director Alon Isocianu and Toronto Studio Reactiv bring together the worlds of food and sports in their playfully inventive short 'Food Play'.

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A Man Struggles to Leave the Love of His Life Behind in Vincent René-Lortie’s Enigmatic ‘Lady Winter’


12th February, 2019

DN speaks to Vincent René-Lortie about his haunting exploration of reluctantly moving on from the one you love in dance music video 'Lady Winter'.

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David Findlay Captures the Frenetic Life of an Olympic Middle Distance Runner in Asics’ Documentary ’72 Hours’

Documentary, Premiere

29th January, 2019

David Findlay’s frenetic Asics' doc '72 Hours' provides a glimpse into a normal weekend for Olympic middle-distance runner Charles Philibert-Thiboutot.

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Shervin Kermani’s ‘Eros’ Celebrates the Enduring Power of Love in One Spot Over a Thousand Years

Live Action

8th January, 2019

Shervin Kermani takes DN behind the scenes of 'Eros', his ambitious exploration of moments between lovers which unfold in one spot over a thousand years.

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Adrian Vieni Takes a Deep Dive Into the Tumultuous Mind of the Artist in ‘Prōˌses’

Art & Fashion, Documentary, Premiere

3rd January, 2019

Adrian Vieni talks to DN about taking a deep dive into the emotions, anxieties and fears of artist Dina Roudman in the creation of her art in 'Prōˌses'.

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A Man Ventures Into a Foreign Land to Reclaim His Lost Love in Andrew De Zen’s ‘Places’ for Alaskan...

Music, Premiere

8th October, 2018

Andrew De Zen discusses the logistical joys of taking a crane into the jungle for 'Places', the third & final part of his Alaskan Tapes trilogy of films.

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La Famille Ouellette: Kaatunga

Asides, Music

4th October, 2018

Dark family secrets are revealed as a young soldier abandons his duty to set out on the long, arduous road home in Philippe Grenier’s 'Kaatunga'.

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Asides, Live Action

3rd October, 2018

A childhood game of one-upmanship between two friends escalates out of their control in Jeremy Comte’s Sundance winning short 'Fauve'.

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Charlie Tyrell Tries to Understand His Emotionally Distant Father in Stop-Motion Doc ‘My Dead Dad’s Porno Tapes’

Animation, Documentary

17th September, 2018

DN speaks to Charlie Tyrell about his stop-motion quest to better understand his emotionally distant late father in doc 'My Dead Dad’s Porno Tapes'.

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Asides, Live Action

3rd September, 2018

A young woman has difficulty straddling the gulf between her confident Instagram persona and the vulnerability she feels IRL in Katie Boland's 'Lolz-Ita'.

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One Day at a Time

Animation, Asides, Documentary

23rd August, 2018

Ruiting Ji uses charcoal animation to document the life of an ex-homeless man who found the strength to quit alcohol and change his life for the better.

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Andrew De Zen Explores Loss, Chaotic Thoughts & the Anxiety of Heartache in ‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’

Art & Fashion

14th August, 2018

Andrew De Zen tells DN about depicting the anxious feelings of loss & chaotic thoughts brought on by time & fading memories in 'Stories We Tell Ourselves'

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