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DN291: A Field in England – Ben Wheatley

Art & Fashion, Live Action, Podcasts

27th June, 2013

There are a couple things you can count on seeing here at DN each year; one is our end of year top ten lists and the other is an interview with the director

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LFF2012: Sightseers

Film Festival, Live Action

22nd October, 2012

Following a stint in Cannes, DN favourite Ben Wheatley premiered his new film as part of the Comedy Gala at the 56th BFI London Film Festival. His third

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DN246: Sightseers – Ben Wheatley

Live Action, Podcasts

24th May, 2012

Every time director Ben Wheatley puts out a film it invariably makes its way onto my top ten list for that year (2009, 2011), so it’s pretty clear

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DN SXSW2011: Kill List – Ben Wheatley

Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

2nd April, 2011

With his first feature Down Terrace, Ben Wheatley breathed new life into the hackneyed corpse of the British Gangster flick, so Kill List, his take on the

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DN149: Down Terrace – Ben Wheatley

Live Action, Podcasts

28th November, 2009

Despite the open mind I try to always bring to cinema, I have to admit that the term ‘British gangster film’ makes my heart drop involuntarily

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