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A Forgotten Love Spans Generations in Marta Gonz├ílez De La Vega’s Spanish Romance Short ‘Mai’

Film Festival, Live Action

18th December, 2019

Marta Gonzales tells DN how she used colour to construct distinct past/present visuals & took on multiple roles for her debut romance Spanish short 'Mai'.

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An Oppressive Regime Reaches Boiling Point in Dean Puckett’s Folklore Short ‘The Sermon’

Live Action

31st October, 2018

DN speaks to Dean Puckett about 'The Sermon' his allegorical folklore horror short about an isolated village reaching boiling point.

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Ben Ockrent Weaves a Fairytale for an Adult Audience in ‘Edmund the Magnificent’

Film Festival, Live Action

30th March, 2018

Ben Ockrent tells DN how he created and structured Sir Ian McKellen's narration around the edit for his adult fairytale short 'Edmund The Magnificent'.

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Ellie Rogers Explores the Importance of Unexpected Female Friendships in ‘Outlines’

Film Festival, Live Action

24th March, 2018

An initially awkward encounter between a young girl and her Dad's hired escort evolves into an unexpected friendship in Ellie Rogers' 'Outlines'.

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Watch #FiveFilms4Freedom – A Global Digital LGBTQ+ Online Film Festival

Documentary, Film Festival, Live Action

23rd March, 2018

The British Council and BFI Flare Festival continue their global, digital LGBTQ+ online film festival #FiveFilms4Freedom.

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BFI Flare London LGBTQ+ Film Festival 2018: Stand Up

Film Festival

20th March, 2018

DN looks forward to another programme of the best in LGBTQ+ cinema from around the world at the BFI Flare London Film Festival 2018.

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