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Bousher & Gee’s ‘You’re Absolutely Right’ Sees an Affirming Hotline Fuel a Paranoid Hoarder’s Troubled Beliefs

Theo Gee and Ian Bousher detail how they echoed their protagonist's inner turmoil through the detailed production design of their claustrophobic set.

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Live Action

Varun Raman & Tom Hancock’s 16MM Comedy Short ‘Man or Tree’ Sees a Plant Ponder Its Metaphysical Reality

Varun Raman and Tom Hancock discuss the freewheeling approach to filmmaking on their 16mm comedy short about a tree which thinks it's a man.

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Raw Style & Dirty Beats Reverberate in Harmony in Wendy Morgan’s Chic Music Video ‘Kisé’

Wendy Morgan speaks about the creative joy of long term collaboration as realised in her raw sensory music video for Lous and the Yakuza.

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