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Mumford & Sons: Beloved

Asides, Music

21st March, 2019

Charlotte Regan crafts a heart-wrenching music video about the crushing pain of loss whilst celebrating the memories that make letting go so hard to bear.

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And the Shiny Awards 2019 Winners Are…

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action, Music

27th February, 2019

DN headed to the bright lights of London to see which eight new and emerging filmmakers would walk away with the coveted Shiny Awards.

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Little Monster

Asides, Live Action

16th November, 2018

Charlotte Regan reunites with actor Neil Maskell for Random Acts short 'Little Monster' the emotive story of a father’s prison phone call to his daughter.

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Charlotte Regan Explores the Father/Son Relationship in B&W Short ‘Dodgy Dave’

Film Festival, Live Action

15th October, 2018

London-based writer/director Charlotte Regan joins us to discuss how the parental relationships of friends & family inspired her LFF short 'Dodgy Dave'.

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Charlotte Regan Pushes the Boundaries of Documentary in Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere Short ‘Drug Runner’


22nd August, 2018

Dana Lockwood talks to dir. Charlotte Regan about conveying the perspective of personal reality in her docu-drama about a 15 year old cocaine dealer.

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