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A Lone Horseman Harbours a Burning Secret in Santiago Posada’s Music Video for Miraclis’ Eerie Track ‘Scienter’

Santiago Posada recalls the multiple trips he took to a remarkable festival in rural Colombia that inspired his ethereal music video.

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Live Action

Kathy Esquenazi-Mitrani Explores Femininity and Over-Sexualisation In Disquietingly Honest ‘Rubbed in Pink’

Kathy Esquenazi-Mitrani discusses weaving her experience with expectations of femininity into disquietingly honest coming-of-age drama 'Rubbed in Pink'.

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Animation, Art & Fashion, Premiere

A Seductive Serpent Traps a Pair of Women in a Parallel Reality in Muzaluci’s Psychedelic Fashion Thriller

Juan Manuel Pinzón, Tata Persico & Paco Gorriz discuss the joy & pain of being given full creative freedom on their psychedelic MUZALUCI fashion thriller.

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Film Festival, Live Action, Podcasts

DN LFF2014: Fathers, Sons & Classes Clash in Franco Lolli’s ‘Gente de Bien’

Franco Lolli's 'Gente de Bien' depicts the fractured relationship between a troubled boy & his estranged father set against the backdrop of a socially divided

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RED is a beautifully gruesome retelling of Charles Perrault’s Little Red Riding Hood fable from directors Jorge Jaramillo and Carlo Guillot. The

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