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Live Action

David Findlay’s Drama ‘Lay Me by the Shore’ Follows a Week in the Life of a Grieving Trans Boy

David Findlay explains how he constructed the subtle yet emotional journey of his short LGBTQ drama about grief and friendship during post-production.

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Art & Fashion

David Findlay Celebrates the Compulsions of the Restless Mind in Visual Poem ‘You Know Where You Belong’

David Findlay casts a meditative eye on the idiosyncratic quirks and compulsions of human behaviour in visual poem piece 'You Know Where You Belong'.

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David Findlay Explores the Nexus of Gabe ‘Nandez’s Malian Heritage & Daily Reality in Performance Promo ‘I.D.’

David Findlay explains how he used emblems of African culture to explore the nexus between Gabe ‘Nandez’s heritage & his daily reality in 'I.D.'.

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Documentary, Premiere

David Findlay Captures the Frenetic Life of an Olympic Middle Distance Runner in Asics’ Documentary ’72 Hours’

David Findlay’s frenetic Asics' doc '72 Hours' provides a glimpse into a normal weekend for Olympic middle-distance runner Charles Philibert-Thiboutot.

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