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Mansi Maheshwari Depicts the Nightmarish Nature of Parental Lies in Feverish Animated Cannes Short ‘Bunnyhood’

Mansi Maheshwari walks DN through how she created the intense and frenetic scrawled animation style of her manic Cannes-selected NFTS grad short.

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Live Action

A Woman Wonders if Her New Love Is Scamming Her in Lucy McKendrick & Charles Polinger’s ‘Fuck Me, Richard’

Lucy Elizabeth McKendrick & Charles Polinger talk about creating the fantasies a young woman loses herself to in their twisted long distance romance short.

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Live Action, Premiere

Emily Lucienne’s ‘Immaculate Deception’ Explores the Desperate Actions a Woman Takes As Her Options Narrow

Emily Lucienne details building the cloistered claustrophobic atmosphere of her short exploring the desperate measures dwindling options can push us to.

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