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A Man Battles the All Consuming Guilt of His Actions in Dee Meaden’s Disquieting Short ‘Mark’

Film Festival, Live Action

19th January, 2018

A man becomes consumed by the fear he may have done something terrible on a night out in Dee Meaden's disquieting study of consent, guilt and masculinity.

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Dee Meaden Discards Filmmaking Safety Nets in the Search for Authenticity in ‘Sibling’

Live Action

9th January, 2015

DN caught up with Dee Meaden to discover how working without the usual production safety nets created room for creative risks & authentic performances.

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DN310: Some Things Mean Something – Dee Meaden

Live Action, Podcasts

9th January, 2014

Writer, Director & Producer Dee Meaden joins us to discuss the dramatic importance of the small moment and how avoiding the dangers of over producing led to

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