Some Things Mean Something

In Writer, Director and Producer Dee Meaden’s new short Some Things Mean Something, the relationship between a single mother and her grown up son, who suffers from learning disabilities, is thrown into turmoil at the arrival of a trite birthday card. Dee joins us to discuss the dramatic importance of the small moment and how avoiding the dangers of over producing led to a freedom to challenge herself as a filmmaker.

Some Things Mean Something (2013)

Tony, a 30-year-old man with learning difficulties, lives at home with his exhausted single mother. Tony has never known his father but on his 30th birthday he receives a greeting card from him. The card contains a sentimental rhyming poem that Tony instinctively believes ‘means something’.

I’m specifically really interested in tiny, unobserved or seemingly unimportant moments in life. I’m interested in tiny things becoming significant.

You can catch Some Things Mean Something at the London Short Film Festival where it screens at 15:00 on Sat 11th January as part of the NEW SHORTS #4 SHORT LONGES programme.

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