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Sam Gainsborough Takes Claymation Life-Size with Stop-Motion/Live-Action Hybrid ‘Facing It’

Animation, Film Festival, Live Action

18th December, 2019

NFTS graduate Sam Gainsborough joins us to discuss how he used about "half a tonne of plasticine" in his inventive grad film 'Facing It'.

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Ten Picks From the 25th Encounters Short Film Festival

Film Festival

30th September, 2019

DN distils the epic and eclectic lineup of shorts on offer at this year's Encounters Short Film Festival down to 10 absolute must-sees.

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How Max Hattler Transformed Hong Kong’s Vertical Skyline into Living Film Strips in ‘Serial Parallels’

Animation, Art & Fashion

4th September, 2019

Max Hattler provides some insight into his new film 'Serial Parallels' an experimental portrait of Hong Kong one of the most vertical cities in the world.

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Karni&Saul Pay Tribute to the Duality of Human Existence in Fantasy Dance Music Video ‘The problems aren’t us’

Animation, Music

3rd July, 2019

Karni&Saul share how they combined dance, animation and nature for a silent rave to the gods of creativity in 'The problems aren’t us'.

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A Pregnancy Test Turns into a Twisted Nightmare in Chloe Wicks’ Horror Short ‘Cubicle’

Film Festival, Live Action

28th June, 2019

Director Chloe Wicks reveals how she created intense horror short 'Cubicle' on a shoestring budget and within the cramped confines of a bathroom stall.

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Andrea Vinciguerra Exposes a “Terrible Curse in our Society” in Energetic Stop-Motion Short ‘No, I Don’t Want to Dance!’


10th May, 2019

Andrea Vinciguerra joins us to discuss how people watching while listening to music on headphones, led him to create his dance-fuelled stop-motion short.

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Ten Picks From the 24th Encounters Short Film Festival

Film Festival

1st October, 2018

Team DN hones down the cornucopia of entertaining shorts we caught at this year's Encounters Short Film Festival to a succinct selection of 10 favourites.

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23rd Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival Wrap Up

Film Festival

28th September, 2017

DN looks back at some of our favourite shorts from this year’s bevy of films at the mighty Encounters film festival.

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