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A Runaway Bride Can’t Escape Her Past in Austin Hutching’s Striking Music Video for Kat Duma’s ‘So Long’

Austin Hutchings speaks to us about the importance of tangibility when creating the ambitious imagery for his train carriage-set music video.

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Live Action

Cyrus Neshvad Depicts a Young Iranian Woman’s Desperate Battle for Freedom in Oscar Short ‘The Red Suitcase’

Cyrus Neshvad talked to us about the lack of dialogue in his heartbreaking drama following a young woman's desperate fight for freedom.

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A Couple Attempt to Escape a Malevolent Unseen Enemy in Alex Cook’s Unsettling Music Video ‘Dangerous’

Alex Cook shares how he and his crew faced down a mountain rattlesnake in order to complete his dark allegorical music video for Son Lux track 'Dangerous'.

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