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How Ancients Rituals from Around the World Inspired Arsen Arzumanyan’s Avian Creation Myth ‘Furnace of the Birds’


17th June, 2019

Arsen Arzumanyan joins us to discuss reversing methodologies & breaking mocap suits to create an unusual mythological tale of where birds come from.

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Kaayla Whachell Examines Societal Representations of the Female Form in Experimental Short ‘Single Persephone’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

6th June, 2019

Kaayla Whachell & Brock Newman explain why they chose to create a feminist film that was a true collaboration between women & men in 'Single Persephone'.

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Vincent René-Lortie Takes a Trip into Temporal Nightmares in Dance Short ‘The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time’

Art & Fashion

4th June, 2019

DN talks to Vincent René-Lortie about collaborating with Trip The Light Fantastic for temporal nightmare dance film 'The Man Who Traveled Nowhere in Time'

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Elliott Gonzo & Philly Felton Portray the Gruelling Effort Required to Excel in Experimental Ballet Short ‘Tundra’

Art & Fashion

3rd June, 2019

Elliott Gonzo & Philly Felton partner with dancer Zelos Tsang-Thompson for a rumination on the extreme effort required to excel in dance short 'Tundra'.

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Tanmay Chowdhary Explores the Relationship Between Two Young Women in Hybrid Narrative-Doc ‘Color of November’

Documentary, Live Action, Premiere

28th May, 2019

Tanmay Chowdhary discusses the unconventional approach of hybrid narrative-doc 'Color of November', a portrait of the relationship between two young women

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A Pair of Outcasts Flee for the Refuge of the Sea in Pérez Y Stein’s Split Perspective Shorts ‘UMI’

Live Action, Premiere

20th May, 2019

We speak to Paul Stein about drawing inspiration from the work of Jim Jarmusch & the focus shooting on film provided for split perspective shorts 'UMI'.

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madeinhollywoodusa Explore the Relationship Between Pleasure & Risk in Mesmerising Gravity Defying Short ‘Eve’

Art & Fashion

15th May, 2019

madeinhollywoodusa talk to DN about the challenges of conceptualising a hyper-real world which breaks the laws of physics in gravity defying short 'EVE'.

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Patrick Knot Takes a Symbolic Journey into the Spirit of Bauhaus in 100th Anniversary Short ‘Courage’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

13th May, 2019

Patrick Knot tells DN how he headed to France to capture a symbolic journey into the spirit of Bauhaus in 100th anniversary commemorative short 'Courage'.

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Juliette Hüsler Steps Outside the Bounds of Space & Time in Experimental Solo Project ‘Circle’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

25th April, 2019

Juliette Hüsler talks to DN about working solo whilst attempting to creatively depict the theory of the multiverse in experimental short film 'Circle'.

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Elastic Recurrence

Art & Fashion, Asides

23rd April, 2019

Johan Rijpma transforms the shards of a dinner plate into a self-replicating cycle of falling and retracting connected fragments in 'Elastic Recurrence'.

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Joshua Dawson Envisions the Digital Future of Chile’s Resource Striped Ghost Towns in Foreboding Short ‘Loa’s Promise’

Animation, Art & Fashion

19th April, 2019

Joshua Dawson tells DN how he used drone footage & 3D modelling to create a foreboding vision of Chile's resource striped ghost towns in 'Loa's Promise'.

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A Pregnant Woman Struggles with a Life Altering Decision in Kevin Rios & Anamari Mesa’s Tender Short ‘Maternal’

Animation, Live Action

18th April, 2019

Kevin Rios & Anamari Mesa co-direct the contemplative story of a young woman processing her doubts before meeting the adoptive parents of her unborn child

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