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Disney’s ‘Short Circuit’ Season Two Shows off the Animation Studio’s More Experimental Side


3rd August, 2021

From delightful evocations of home to experiments in pure sound and colour, Disney's Short Circuit programme shows off the next generation of studio talent.

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Adrián Suárez Interconnects the Rich Beauty of Nature and the Human Body in Sensorial Short ‘Skins’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

24th July, 2021

Adrián Suárez discusses conveying the interconnectedness of the human body and the Earth we inhabit in beautifully realised experimental short 'Skins'.

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Toberg Takes Viewers on a Lo-FI 3D Journey Through the History of Human Constructs in ‘Pile’


16th July, 2021

Toberg joins us to discuss assembling a human habitat in order of “critical” to “superfluous” in his epic continuous shot RCA short 'Pile'.

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Argyro Nicolaou & Margaux Fitoussi’s ‘I, Tony’ Is a Meta-Documentary About the Desire to Be Remembered

Documentary, Premiere

1st July, 2021

Argyro Nicolaou and Margaux Fitoussi discuss harnessing the unpredictable energy of photographer Tony Moussoulides in their experimental biopic 'I, Tony'.

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Jerry Rothwell’s ‘The Reason I Jump’ Viscerally Brings the World of Non-Speaking Autism to Life

Documentary, Live Action

15th June, 2021

Jerry Rothwell takes DN inside the 360° sound and hyper-stylised portraiture of his enthralling documentary depiction of life with non-speaking autism.

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Luca Spreafico Explores the Narrative Soul of a Fashion Film Through an Intense Therapy Session in ‘Alex’

Live Action, Premiere

2nd June, 2021

Luca Spreafico explains his decision to incorporate dance in 'Alex' his experimental film which physically explores the lasting effects of childhood trauma.

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Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah Composes a Powerful Celebration of Black Women in ‘To the Girl that Looks Like Me’

Art & Fashion, Premiere

24th May, 2021

Ewurakua Dawson-Amoah discusses challenging the practice of cultural appropriation in her poetic NYU thesis film 'To the Girl that Looks Like Me'.

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Jin Woo Depicts the Interchanging Role of Victim-Offender in Dark Otherworldly Animation ‘SAN’

Animation, Premiere

3rd May, 2021

DN chats to Jin Woo about evoking the discomfort of familial relationships through her striking hand-drawn animation style in psychodrama short 'SAN'.

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Francesca Pazniokas Channels the Forced Seclusion of Quarantine in Surreal Experimental Short ‘6FT.’

Art & Fashion

27th April, 2021

Francesca Pazniokas speaks to DN about her surreal experimental short '6FT.' and how she worked with a minimal crew during quarantine to execute it.

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Sam Davis & Tom Andrew Capture the Longing for UK Club Culture in ‘VOID – One Year Of Silence’

Art & Fashion, Music

22nd April, 2021

Sam Davis & Tom Andrew discuss using emptiness to express the powerful escapism offered by dance floors in 'VOID - One Year Of Silence'.

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Lars Nagler Brings a Surreal Encyclopaedia to Life in His Short Animation ‘Shift Simmers Slips’

Animation, Art & Fashion

6th April, 2021

Lars Nagler explains the freely intuitive animation process behind 'Shift Simmers Slips' his surreal adaptation of Luigi Serafini's 'Codex Seraphinianus'.

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Emmanuelle Soffé’s ‘Neo Gender’ Explodes the Gender Binary Through a Stylish Reframing of Classical Art

Art & Fashion

29th March, 2021

Emmanuelle Soffé explains how and why she subverted the roots of gender in Christian-influenced art in the wonderfully inclusive and powerful 'Neo Gender'.

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