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Kevin Staake’s Space-Set Drama ‘Noah’s Belt’ Finds Prisoners of Opposed Warring Nations Sharing a Cell

Kevin Staake opens up about his synergistic process with actors during the performance capture stage of his Unreal Engine, flag or friend loyalty short.

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Five Decades of Songwriting Comes Together in Oliver Murray’s Doc ‘Now and Then: The Last Beatles Song’

Oliver Murray explains why it was important to be concise and economical with the storytelling in his doc about the creation of a legendary Beatles song.

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Past and Present Converge in Lado Kvataniya’s Stirring Ode to Georgian Family with Mgzavrebi Music Video ‘Waltz’

Lado Kvataniya discusses reconnecting with his Georgian roots for his innovative 16mm music video about an invisible connection with a departed loved one.

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Live Action, Premiere

Ramiel Petros’ Touching Student Oscar/BAFTA Drama ‘Aziz’ Takes Three Friends On a Devastating Desert Road Trip

Ramiel Petros details bringing 1980s Iraqi history vividly to life in his mournful, based on a true story short about friendship, war and grief.

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