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HOSH & 1979: Midnight (The Hanging Tree) Feat. Jalja

Asides, Music

21st April, 2020

Erlendur Sveinsson hits the road for the post apocalyptic story of a woman desperately trying to outrun a violent storm in order to deliver a vaccine.

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A Couple Struggle to Find a Mutual Purpose on the Road in Erlendur Sveinsson’s Gripping Short ‘Kanarí’

Live Action

23rd May, 2019

Erlendur Sveinsson explains how a shocking life experience led to the creation of 'Kanarí', an immersive, subjective exploration of the human condition.

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Watch #FiveFilms4Freedom 2019 – A Global Digital LGBTQ+ Online Film Festival

Asides, Film Festival

26th March, 2019

The British Council & BFI Flare Festival bring back their global, digital LGBTQ+ online film festival #FiveFilms4Freedom for another year of great shorts.

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Ursine Vulpine & Annaca: Solace

Asides, Live Action

14th January, 2019

Director/Composer Frederick Lloyd builds an epic teaser for the forthcoming EP from his alter ego Ursine Vulpine & singer/songwriter Annaca in 'Solace'.

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Elliot Moss: 99

Asides, Music

2nd May, 2018

A couple wavers between reality & a land of memories following a motorcycle accident in Masaki Shimeno's atmospheric music video for Elliot Moss' ‘99’.

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The Accord


4th October, 2016

RC Cone takes us on a thrill seeking adventure through the eyes of a passionate Icelandic surfer battling against the personified North Atlantic wind.

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DN338: Sheep & Sibling Strife – Grimur Hakonarson on his Cannes Winning Feature ‘Rams’

Live Action, Podcasts

8th June, 2016

A film filled with deep humour and an even deeper humanity, DN sits down with Icelandic Director Grimur Hakonarson to discuss his Un Certain Regard winning

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Gísli þór Gíslason Taps into Viking Folklore for Arctic Roots’ ‘Nykur’ Music Video


16th September, 2014

Rising from the ashes of a lacklustre reaction to his end of year student film project, director Gísli þór Gíslason set his sights on the Viking

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DN315: Whale Valley – Gudmundur Arnar Gudmundsson

Live Action, Podcasts

20th February, 2014

Set against the majestic, rugged backdrop of the Icelandic landscape, Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson’s short Whale Valley depicts the powerful bond held by

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30th April, 2013

A coffee soaked Sugarcube sparks memories of sweet treats and a bitter first love in Sara Gunnarsdottir’s debut animation.

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DN218: Undying Love – Omar Hauksson

Live Action, Podcasts

23rd September, 2011

I was skeptical I’d ever come across another zombie short worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as the classic I Love Sarah Jane, that was until I

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