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Jiajie Yu Celebrates the Power of Black Male Relationships in ‘Soul’ for The Prussians

Music, Premiere

19th February, 2018

Jiajie Yu returns to DN with 'Soul', his new music video which celebrates the complex but powerful fraternal relationship of two men of colour.

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Night Owls

Art & Fashion, Asides

15th February, 2018

Jiajie Yu transfixes us with a disquieting, yet alluring, collection of strange people and flashing lights in experimental short film 'Night Owls'.

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Jiajie Yu Contemplates the Isolating Strangeness of Solitude in a Bustling Neon City in ‘Aliens’

Live Action

25th September, 2017

Jiajie Yu tells DN how taking a free-form approach to production enabled him to transport viewers into a world of disquieting disconnection.

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