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Jukebox Jarmusch: Jim at the Intersection of Music & Cinema Hi

Live Action

8th October, 2014

With the Soda Pictures' release this week of the Jim Jarmusch Collection Blu-ray box set we explore the value of music in the seminal filmmaker's early

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Only Lovers Left Alive

Live Action

25th February, 2014

When I was younger I always feared death and wanted to live forever. As I’ve gotten older that sentiment has definitely changed. There have been times

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DN LFF09: The Limits of Control – Jim Jarmusch

Film Festival, Live Action

25th October, 2009

"With The Limits of Control, Jarmusch has easily made his best film since the seminal Dead Man." DN takes a look at the master filmmaker's latest movie.

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DN078: Garage – Lenny Abrahamson

Live Action, Podcasts

6th March, 2008

Following an almost interview at last year’s London Film Festival I finally got a chance to see Lenny Abrahamson’s second feature Garage which

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