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Sam Mason Unveils the Seeds of an Epic Mythology in Surreal YGT Short ‘Sinking Ship’

Animation, Art & Fashion, Music

4th February, 2019

Sam Mason talks to DN about crafting a new mythology through surreal landscapes & impossible characters in his YGT collaboration 'Sinking Ship'.

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Lucinate: Big Noise

Animation, Asides

13th March, 2018

Nine different animators combine forces in this exquisite corpse music video created for new Lucinate track, 'Big Noise'.

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Your Gay Thoughts: Spitting Image


21st December, 2016

Matt Faller and Your Gay Thoughts juxtapose the egotistical yet self-reflective nature of the modern era in their kaleidoscopic music video.

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High Art Prose Clash With Low Art Animation in Martinus Klemet’s ‘Slow Dance’

Animation, Asides, Music

7th January, 2014

It was back in 2011 that El Vez found himself very much under the influence of Estonian animator Martinus Klemet’s series of surreal vignettes In the

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