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Underwater Dancer Julie Gautier Goes in Search of What’s Hidden in Shern Sharma’s Lyrical Documentary ‘Xibalba’

Art & Fashion, Documentary

6th December, 2018

Shern Sharma joins us to discuss besting the challenges of underwater filming and Mexico's weather for his lyrical Julie Gautier documentary 'Xibalba'.

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Animation, Asides

8th November, 2018

Stunning animation and powerful storytelling come together seamlessly in Philip Louis Piaget Rodriguez’s The Animation Workshop grad short 'Reverie'.

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Art & Fashion, Asides

4th May, 2018

Director Andrés Arochi’s ‘Amorfo’ transports us through a surreal, unworldly experience harnessed by an unsettlingly in sync dance troupe.

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A Young Girl Wrestles With the Tensions Between Tradition & Self-Identity in Surreal Short ‘Mother Corn’

Live Action

26th March, 2018

A young girl wrestles spiritual visions that force her to awaken to the importance of tradition as part of her self-identity in surreal short Mother Corn.

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Dan Sadgrove Unearths an Ancient Culture Buried by Conquest in Lyrical Short ‘A Dream Dressed in Black’

Art & Fashion, Live Action

22nd March, 2018

DN invited dir. Dan Sadgrove to tell us how he crafted a lyrical Mexican present that never was in poetic ‘what if...’ short 'A Dream Dressed in Black'.

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A Man Searches for the Spark to Reignite His Lust for Life in Award-Winning Animation ‘A Little Grey’

Animation, Premiere

5th March, 2018

Making its online premiere today, we speak to Simon Hewitt & Steve Smith about sweetening pathos with comedy in their animated short 'A Little Grey'.

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Mexican Collective NONsense Succumb to the Overruling Potency of Love in Nostalgic Short ‘Old Times’

Art & Fashion

24th October, 2017

NONsense dir. Kevin Speight discusses his exploration of time, regret and the overruling potency of love in the collective's new nostalgic short.

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A Lesbian Romance is Brutally Cut Down by Sexual Bigotry in Baltazar’s Evocative Music Video ‘Lluvia’


23rd May, 2017

The Unlimited Films team provide their respective production vantage points of Baltazar's visceral music video about the bigoted destruction of real love.

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Take a Multi-Generational Pilgrimage Across Mexico in Jorge G. Camarena’s ‘La China’


30th June, 2016

DN invited Director Jorge G. Camarena and his team to share the epic production journey they embarked on to create Porter's ‘La China’ music video

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Horacio Alcala Explores the Price of Life in the Limelight in Circus Documentary ‘Grazing the Sky’


7th December, 2015

Director Horacio Alcalá talks to DN about 'Grazing the Sky', his seven year journey to document the extreme levels of dedication and focus required to be a

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Federico Gutiérrez Pictures a ‘Perfect World’ in his Broken Bells Animated Sci-Fi Music Video


3rd July, 2014

We invite Federico Gutiérrez to share the story of his pitch to Broken Bells & the development of his animated music video for their track Perfect World.

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Paperworks.: terror.exe

Art & Fashion, Music

1st September, 2013

Images glitch, tear, judder and generally behave unruly in Eduardo H Obieta’s eye-catching experimental promo for Paperworks.’s bleep fuelled

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