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The Mayor of Ballarat

Mickey Todiwala & Monika Delgado continue their filmic revelation of unseen places in the ghost town of Ballarat, guided by its sole resident Rock Novak.

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Monika Delgado & Mickey Todiwala Share Their Curiosity for the Unknown in ‘Green Mansions’

We’re no strangers to the portraits of place films created by Monika Delgado & Mickey Todiwala, so given the opportunity to experience the Amazon Rainforest

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Art & Fashion, Asides


Monika Delgado and Mickey Todiwala fill our minds full of colourful visual wonderment with alien atmosphere, kaleidoscopic short 'DRIP'.

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Art & Fashion, Asides, Documentary


Monika Delgado and Mickey Todiwala's non-narrative short 'Fragments' captures the beauty and mystery of desolated spaces.

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