Where Monika Delgado and Mickey Todiwala’s post-apocalyptic mood piece Fragments left us with a feeling of uneasy tension, their latest collaboration DRIP will fill your mind full of colourful visual wonderment.

Todiwala explains how the project came to be:

“We wanted to create somewhat of an alien atmosphere by using macro shots so we chose to film ink drops dropping in an aquarium. We back-lit the aquarium using a LED panel, dropped acrylic inks in the aquarium and filmed it using a 5d MK III and Zeiss 100mm lens. We brought the footage into After Effects, inverted the colors (so that we got a black background) and used several effects to create space. Effects such as mirroring, kaleidoscope and so on. The sound mix was done using sounds from NASA’s Voyager archives. Some of the films that inspired us to create this atmosphere were Enter the Void, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alien.”

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