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Kristian Mercado Figueroa Explores the Complex Relationship of Womanhood Across Latinx Generations in ‘Mariposa’

Kristian Mercado Figueroa returns to DN for a chat about visualising Rachel Inez Marshall's poem in his exploration of womanhood across Latinx generations.

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Cell Watch Strip Cell

Jane Morledge's 'Cell Watch Strip Cell' adapts Susannah Nevison’s poem into a powerful exploration of the debilitating effects of solitary confinement.

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Mohammed Hammad Explores the Influence of Police Intervention on Native American Lives in ‘American Arithmetic’

DN talks to Mohammed Hammad about his intimate look at a community of Native American organizers reclaiming land & culture in the face of police violence.

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Experience the Refugee Journey Through Western Eyes in Ty Richardson’s Emotive Short ‘War Poem’

DN speaks to Ty Richardson about creating an empathic, fictionalised version of a refugee crisis as experienced through Western eyes in 'War Poem'.

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