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Ray Smiling’s ‘Play This At My Funeral’ Extols Our Intimate Connections to the Songs in Our Lives

Ray Smiling describes co-opting the mixtape format to capture the symbiotic link between music and memory for his idiosyncratic series of vignettes.

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Jermaine Manigault’s Experimental Short ‘Not Black Enough’ Cathartically Confronts Blackness in America

Epic long takes, musical pastiche and minimalist music, Jermaine Manigault reveals the tools he used to create a unique portrait of what blackness means.

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Art & Fashion

Bram VanderMark’s Dance Film ‘I Carry Them’ Captures the Melancholy of Leaving Loved One’s Behind

Bram VanderMark discusses exploring the burden of carrying your memories with you through deeply-felt choreography and a wistful score for Films.Dance.

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Rodney Chrome Splashes the Cash Around NYC in Zac Dov Wiesel’s Vivid Music Video ‘To The Money’

Zac Dov Wiesel divulges how he technically manifested the vivid and poppy feel of his vivacious NYC-based music video for Rodney Chrome.

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Live Action

Sam Stillman Channels the Spirit of John Cassavetes for His Jazz-Centric New York Drama ‘Let’s Get Lost’

Director Sam Stillman reveals how he captured the powerful and frenetic performances that populate his Manhattan jazz bar drama 'Let's Get Lost'.

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Paul Stone Laments the Loss of NYC Traditions in the Face of Gentrification in Little Italy Doc ‘Mulberry’

Paul Stone shares how the story of lifelong New Yorkers plagued by the pressures of gentrification stoked the creative fires for documentary 'Mulberry'.

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