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How “Being Trapped in a Perpetual Dick Joke” Inspired Nick Roney’s SXSW Award Winning Short ‘The Flute’

Dir. Nick Roney returns to DN to discuss prosthetic skin flutes and taking inspiration from the classic monster movie for his unforgettable dark comedy.

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Film Festival

The Best Short Films at SXSW 2023

If you're heading to SXSW 2023 we've got a list of 10 short films that should be top of your watchlist.

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Asides, Music


Nick Roney takes the foolhardy step of attempting to heel his parent’s ailing marriage by working through their issues in his genius 'Girl' music video.

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Music, Premiere

Moodoïd Attempt to Replace Lost Love in Nick Roney’s Improvised Audition Music Video ‘Miss Smith’

Nick Roney takes DN behind the scenes of Moodoïd front man Pablo Padovan's awkward casting hunt to replace his lost love in 'Miss Smith'.

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