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OFFF Barcelona 2019 Main Titles

Animation, Asides, Film Festival

8th May, 2019

Chris Bjerre's OFFF 2019 titles envision a parallel universe where infrastructure and power have collapsed freeing the way for organic life to evolve.

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The Artists’ Room – OFFF Barcelona 2018

Film Festival, Live Action

1st June, 2018

Artist duo Mathery introduce the initial dropping characters of Oliver, Frida, Federica & Fiona in their fun quirky OFFF festival film 'The Artists’ Room'

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Mireia Pujol Documents Migrant Life on the Perilous Boarders in ‘Diary of Hunger’


13th June, 2014

Director Mireia Pujol shares her experiences of travelling to the Moroccan mountains to take testament from the migrants attempting to jump the barrier in

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OFFF 2013 Open Titles

Live Action

7th June, 2013

Maintaining OFFF’s flawless hit rate for commissioning impressive title sequences which make you wish they were the opening moments of a feature, Ms.

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OFFF México 2012: Once, When We Were Young

Asides, Live Action

1st September, 2012

Six friends come of age at the end of the world in Rob Chiu’s stunning dramatic short within a title sequence for OFFF Mexico.

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OFFF Barcelona 2012 Main Titles

Live Action

22nd May, 2012

Is there a festival out there which hands out awards for the best festival titles? If so, I’m saying that OFFF Barcelona would sweep the board once

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Year Zero – OFFF Barcelona 2011 Main Titles

Live Action

14th June, 2011

Playing much more like the opening to a movie depicting a vision of a dystopian, totalitarian future than a festival title sequence, Mischa Rozema’s

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