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Renata Gasiorowska Explores Sex-Positive Liberation in Erotic Animated Comedy ‘Pussy’


31st August, 2018

Renata Gasiorowska tells DN how she caused a scandal when a group of school children accidentally attended a screening of her erotic comedy short 'Pussy'.

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Inés Barrionuevo & Agustina San Martín Traverse the Maelstrom of Teenage Insecurity in ‘The Swedish Cousin’

Live Action

24th August, 2018

DN speaks to Inés Barrionuevo & Agustina San Martín about creating vulnerability by casting non-actors true to their characters in 'The Swedish Cousin'.

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It’s a War of Parenting Opinions in Marley Morrison’s Comedy Short ‘Baby Gravy’

Live Action

9th August, 2018

Director Marley Morrison tells DN how her journey of becoming a parent in a same-sex relationship influenced her comedy short 'Baby Gravy'.

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Girls on Film 2: Before Dawn – Peccadillo Pictures’ Eclectic Collection of Award-Winning Lesbian & Feminist Shorts

Animation, Live Action

11th August, 2017

Curator Diane Gabrysiak & filmmaker Lorelei Pepi talk to DN about Peccadillo Pictures' new eclectic collection of award-winning lesbian & feminist shorts.

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