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Tearing Shadows Teaser

Art & Fashion

18th March, 2013

If you ever needed a reason to get yourself to Berlin, new projection sculpture Tearing Shadows from Robert Seidel, currently on display at the

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Animation, Art & Fashion

4th September, 2010

DN fave Robert Seidel is back with another piece of mind blowing experimental animation, this time commissioned for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei,

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Robert Seidel Brings Painting to Life

Animation, News

16th February, 2008

Past guest Robert Seidel (DN065) puts his experimental approach to animation to work on a canvas worthy of his talent. In his own words: “processes:

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DN065: _grau – Robert Seidel

Animation, Art & Fashion, Podcasts

7th December, 2007

Whilst many filmmakers fall in to the trap of creating pretty pictures for their own sake, the best artists produce films in which each frame is infused

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