If you ever needed a reason to get yourself to Berlin, new projection sculpture Tearing Shadows from Robert Seidel, currently on display at the 401contemporary gallery is a fine excuse to make the trip.

“For this installation I decided not to work in fully digital terms with regards the sculptural forms and the projection. For the latter I went back to some old “real world” painting experiments—like in my animations E3 and Futures—and explored the painterly qualities of everyday objects. So in that sense it is “biological”, or “physicochemical” even, since it deals with processes like thermodynamics and chemical kinetics.”The Creators Project

The structure of the projection sculpture, coupled with the freedom visitors are given to walk around the space it inhabits, results in a dynamic audio-visual experience shaped by the very presence of those who view it. You can watch a teaser for Tearing Shadows below, but you have until 13 April 2013 to fully experience the piece in person.


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